How Chronic Fear, Anxiety, and Stress Affect Your Pet’s Health

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Whether or not your pet exhibits obvious signs of fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS), she can still suffer from the effects. Chronic stress and anxiety can cause health problems, such as urinary tract infections, a weakened immune system, overgrooming, appetite changes, high blood pressure, chronic diarrhea, stomach ulcers, mood changes, and difficulty learning. Pet owners [...]

Top 5 Tips for Medicating Your Pet

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Your veterinarian nonchalantly says, “You need to give Fluffy this medicine twice a day for 14 days,” and you nod your head that, yes, you understand the instructions. But you’re already breaking out in a cold sweat and crying on the inside. Medicating pets—especially cats—is not exactly a walk in the park, but we’re here [...]

7 Facts Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Intestinal Parasites

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No one likes to hear that their pet could—and probably will—get an intestinal parasite at some point during her life. Most pet owners would rather avoid the topic, but knowing the basic facts is important, because intestinal parasites can cause serious health conditions. That’s why we’ve compiled the most common questions pet owners ask, and [...]

7 Ways to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

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Summer is kicking into high gear, and getting outside to enjoy the sunshine, barbecues, and outdoor adventures is a must. We love to include our pets, but, unfortunately, the high temperatures aren’t so enjoyable for our four-legged friends who wear a fur coat. Help your pet beat the heat with the following cool tips. 1: [...]

Is Hospice Care Right for You and Your Pet?

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Whether your furry friend is aging more quickly than expected, or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, facing the end is full of emotion. It’s difficult and stressful to maximize the time you have left with your pet while minimizing her pain and suffering. Fortunately, the veterinary profession has embraced the ideas and ideals [...]

Kids and Pets: Keeping a Household Happy

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Kids and pets are natural together, until signals get crossed and accidents occur. Keep both your furry and non-furry family members safe from harm by interpreting warning signs and avoiding dangerous situations. Keep an eye out for warning signals Pets routinely beg for help when put in uncomfortable situations, but we often don’t pick up [...]

Allergies in Pets

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With spring in full bloom, your pet may be feeling downright miserable because of her allergies. Just like their owners, pets can be sensitive and react to environmental substances. Here’s how you can tell if your pet has allergies, and how you can help. What are allergies? Animals with allergies experience an exaggerated immune response [...]

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