Belmont Animal Hospital Veterinary Technicians: The Heart of Our Hospital

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A week in October is set aside each year to honor the veterinary technicians who devote their lives to caring for your furry family members. At Belmont Animal Hospital, we appreciate our vet techs every single day—they are your pet’s unsung heroes. Although we may sometimes forget to express our gratitude, in the hustle and [...]

10 Veterinary Essentials for a Happy, Healthy Cat

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Cats are often thought of as independent, mysterious creatures, but these regal felines cannot accomplish some tasks on their own—namely, veterinary care. Masters of many things, cats are exceptionally skilled at concealing sickness and injury, which makes routine veterinary exams all the more important for their continued health and happiness. Although many cats are not [...]

6 Tips to Help Your Pet Beat the Summer Heat

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Tennessee temperatures are climbing, and we’re all finding ways to beat the heat. As you sit in the shade, take a dip in the lake, or sip iced tea, don't forget about your fur-coat-wearing friend panting beside you. Pets can easily overheat, or develop other heat-related problems, while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Follow [...]

6 Ways to Provide for Your Pet During a Pandemic

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Coping during a pandemic has taken over everyone’s daily life, leaving little room for anything else. Trying to teach your kids this new-fangled math that makes no sense, and handling Zoom conference calls with a faulty internet connection, is testing your patience, and your mental capacities. You’re exhausted, and can’t wait for life to get [...]

How to Care for Your Pet and Your Family During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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As the threat of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, escalates, shutting down more non-essential businesses and forcing self-imposed quarantines, we understand your worries about caring for your pet in these troubling times. Rather than weeding through misinformation on social media, here are several websites with reputable facts that you can count on to keep updated and [...]

Care During Coronavirus

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Friends and family of Belmont Animal Hospital,Due to the current concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be implementing some policy changes to protect the health of our staff, you, and the community as a whole.Per current CDC and the World Health Organization recommendations, in order to maximize social distancing and limit close contact between [...]

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