Bordeaux Dogs in the lake Medicine Our main focus is on preventative medicine, in order to improve the quality and increase the lifespan of your dog or cat. We do this through routine health examinations, vaccinations, and educating you about what’s important.
green eye cat watching front Surgery When your dog or cat needs surgery, you want an expert team with cutting-edge surgical tools. Our number one priority is your pet’s safety.
Tabby Cat Angry Dentistry Most pets show signs of periodontal disease by age 3. This is a painful condition that can cause a wide range of problems – from tooth loss to kidney disease.
Dog in home garden Parasite Control All dogs and cats in middle Tennessee should be on a heartworm preventative as well as some type of flea control. We’ll learn more about your pet’s specific situation in order to create a parasite control plan for you.
white dog sitted on long grass watching up And more… We are a truly full service animal hospital. We also offer Radiology, Oncology, Dietary Counseling, and other services. If you have any questions, just give us a call!