A commitment to Sustainable Design

At BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL, we believe that our commitment to health does not stop with companion animals. By utilizing various elements of sustainable/ “green” design, we hope to benefit your pet’s well-being, the local community, and the environment as a whole.

  • Products such as low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and biodegradable marmoleum flooring have been used throughout our facility.

  • A multiple zoned HVAC system allows us to efficiently manage the temperature throughout the HOSPITAL based on the location of the sun.

  • We actively recycle all applicable items used throughout a working day. Even our dog beds are “recycled”. They have been specially made from discarded fabric from local donations.

  • Our record keeping is paperless through electronic documentation, limiting excessive paper use.

  • We use a digital x ray system to cut down on radiation exposure to our staff and patients as well as to eliminate the need for film and developing chemicals.