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What Is Gastric Dilation Volvulus? 

Canine GDV, commonly referred to as “Bloat” or “stomach torsion” occurs when the Pylorus (the bottom of the stomach) rotates or flips from its normal position. This twists off the blood supply to the stomach and does not allow anything in or out of the stomach. Because of the compromised blood supply to the stomach, this condition is often fatal unless surgically corrected within 5 hours. Our goal at Belmont Animal Hospital is to educate all dog owners about GDV. We feel that prevention via Gastropexy, by far, is the best approach to this disease.

GDV Prevention

Gastropexy is the best preventative to protect your pet from GDV. This is a surgical procedure where the stomach is “tacked”, or sutured, into its natural position against the body wall- thus securing the stomach and preventing it from moving or twisting. The ideal time to have a gastropexy done is at the time of your dog’s spay or neuter, but it can be done at any age in combination with the spay or neuter or as a separate procedure.

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