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Comprehensive veterinary services for dogs and cats.



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At BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL, our main focus is on preventative medicine to improve the quality and duration of your companion’s life. No two patients are exactly alike; therefore, we try to establish a vaccination protocol based on each individual’s lifestyle and needs. We want to prevent problems before they happen through diagnostics and therapeutics aimed at minimizing risk and increasing detection.
Heart disease, cancer, cataract, and periodontal disease are just a few of the problems we find in pets that seem healthy at home. By seeing your pet on a regular basis, BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL can address such problems in a timely manner and hopefully cure or manage problems.
We are equipped with a state of the art diagnostic lab, digital radiology, pharmacy and intensive care unit to help us provide the best on-site care possible for your pet.


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BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL offers a variety of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. Each surgical case is considered individually. We perform a thorough physical exam, collect and assess bloodwork, and review the medical history prior to each procedure so that we may tailor the anesthesia plan for your pet.

Surgery FAQ


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Oral disease is one of the most common problems facing today’s pets. Tartar build-up and gingivitis cause bad breath and can result in tooth loss, oral bone infections, and root abscesses. Animals with neglected teeth can develop heart, liver, and kidney disease as a result of the systemic effects of oral pathogens and inflammation. To combat these problems, BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL offers routine dental cleaning and polishing as well as digital dental x-ray, in depth tooth extraction, and oral surgery.


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BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL offers an on-site digital x-ray system that enables more thorough review of radiographs along with the ability to consult specialist over the internet. This process also significantly decreases radiation exposure to staff and patients due to the lower amount of radiation required for exposures and the elimination of retakes.

Dietary Counseling

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Obesity has become one of the leading problems in the pet health care field. Overweight animals suffer from a variety of problems ranging from arthritis, skin disease, diabetes, and decreased life span. From a new kitten to an older arthritic dog, the staff at BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL can provide you with the most current diet recommendations based on your individual pet’s life stage and lifestyle.

Parasite Control

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All domestic dogs and cats in Middle Tennessee should be on a heartworm preventative as well as some type of flea control. Heartworms are carried by mosquitoes and can cause deadly heart and lung problems in dogs as well as cats. Fleas and ticks are parasites that carry many harmful diseases. All dogs and cats, inside or outside, are susceptible to flea and tick infestation. Some over-the-counter preventatives can cause serious side effects. BELMONT ANIMAL HOSPITAL can help you find the best coverage for your pet.
Intestinal parasites carried by dogs and cats can pose a threat to humans, especially children and the elderly. Veterinary heartworm preventatives are used to combat these parasites. We recommend year-round heartworm preventative for all dogs and for any cats that go outside. Our staff can help determine the best antiparasite plan for your pet based on their lifestyle.